Diana Sanchez Betancourt

Open Streets Co-founder & Senior Researcher, Human Sciences Research Council
Muizenberg, Cape Town
Image: Diana Sanchez Betancourt

Open Streets is a simple, yet powerful programme that offers a platform to experiment and build shared public spaces that embrace the diversity of this City. It offers a great space for local communities to bring their own streets alive and experience the human connections of our City.

I am a Colombian who arrived 10 years ago to SA and who has been welcomed ever since. I am part of Open Streets because I believe we need more spaces that allow organic social interactions and a more creative use and approach to streets (the biggest urban asset!) 

As a researcher and a citizen, I am constantly puzzled by the challenges of creating more sustainable urbanisation processes; I therefore feel energised by this collective which is carefully interrogating and hopefully shaping an open city...one street at the time! 

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