Efua Prah

Open Streets Volunteer & Lecturer in Anthropology at UWC
Cape Town
Image: Efua Prah

I am involved in Open streets because I love the idea of using the streets as an alternative space where creativity and performance is unbound. It is a beautiful and wonderful chance for communities to be more active, more engaged and less sedentary. I love meeting new people and Open Streets allows for meaningful exchange amongst people.

I think Open streets is important for Cape Town city as it really does bring together a diverse range of people and activities. I love the spirit of giving that is fostered. The vibe is steady, it's fun and most importantly it brings people together to share their worlds. The cityscape is so divided on a number of different levels and Open Streets gets people talking, moving and acting to bridge these divides. I also really love the idea that motorised vehicles are NOT involved. Less carbon emissions!

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