Rory Williams

Open Streets Advisory Board Member & Transport Planner
Plumstead, Cape Town
Rory Williams

Participation in Open Streets is my way to contribute to exploring new ways to see the city, and to make my work as a transport planner grounded in experience of how streets work. Open Streets is a unique way to observe how residents interact with each other and their environment. It gets them out of rigid ways of thinking about streets.


Rory is a professional engineer with over 25 years of experience as a consultant in transport planning, doing work for public and private sector clients.

He has a particular interest in the relationship between transport systems and the ways in which people gain access to the opportunities that cities provide. He has worked on projects that explore new approaches to design as a way to create more functional cities, considering not just technical but also behavioural issues that affect how people respond to the public realm.

As a Cape Times newspaper columnist for five years he has written on wide ranging topics related to urban systems, public space, active citizenship, design, sustainability, energy and transport.

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